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NoiseToys - A New Service
Noises Off Ltd announces NoiseToys, a new style of location sound facilities.

In responding to the continued squeeze on programme budgets, Sound Supervisor Julian Gough has drawn upon his 28 years in broadcast television sound to develop a cost effective solution that is scalable, quality and yet the equipment is small enough it can travel in a family car.

This has been a goal for several years. A number of video solutions are already available but this had not been matched in the audio department to a suitable level of flexibility.

Until now.

Over the last year, innovative technology has become available that has allowed the development of a working system which maintains quality and flexibility at an affordable price.

NoiseToys is a carry-in facility, it is set up in a room at the venue which can be up to 100 metres from the action. If necessary we will fit temporary acoustic treatment in the mix position to solve any monitoring issues.

We can provide you with a live stereo or surround (5.1) mix in either digital or analogue formats, all audio is recorded on multi track as standard, so a full remix is an available option. A remix can be done in situ or at any other location for your convenience using the same equipment. You also have the option to take away the multi-track recordings to remix at an alternative facility.

As part of the package of new services being offered by Noises Off, we are now able to provide a location audio post production service. From a simple edit to full dubbing to picture. We can build a suite in a location that is convenient to you.

So Noises Off is now your complete audio solution. Big or small, we can help you from start to finish.